Where Can I Find Alkaline Water


If you have ever asked yourself that question here are some answers.  pH is the measure of acid or alkaline levels in a substance, be it food , liquid or the human body. The higher the pH level is, the more alkaline it is. Most of the people who promote drinking alkaline water claim that this high pH helps neutralize the acid in the body, slowing aging, helping to avoid coronary diseases, among other; although there´s not enough scientific evidence to support the claims. Nevertheless, drinking alkaline water seems to help you to better your health.

So, Where Can I Find Alkaline Water?

Step 1

Most health food and supermarkets stores, as well as other nutritional places offer alkaline water. If they do not carry it, you can ask them if they can order it.

Step 2

You can buy alkaline drinking water on line; and if you are willing to pay for shipping and handling, this way may be a good way to purchase your alkaline water. Before you order on line make sure, you are buying from a trustful source since the internet is also the scammers´ store.  This option is good when you find difficult to buy alkaline water where you liv eor work.

Step 3

Buy water alkalinizing tablets or drops. This option is a good option for those who travel a lot or are going to places where the quality of water is not well known or is known to be bad. Just add a few drops to the water, shake it and drink it. Together with the drops an tablets you should always have some pH strips handy to test the alkalinity of the water you are about to drink.

Step 4

Another way and the safest way to be sure you are getting alkaline water is to buy a machine that raises the pH of the water. These machines allow you to alkalize tab water from your home, your office or other sources.

Step 5

One the cheapest way to get alkaline water is to mix tab water with a half a teaspoon of baking soda (soda bicarbonate), stir it well and drink it. Some people advise to warm up the water to drink it, but we leave it up to you to decide.

Step 6

Lemon or lime juice can make the water alkaline. Although these two fruits are acid, their components are alkaline. So, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and drink it.

Most people agree that it takes a great amount of energy for the body to balance its pH level, since the body tends toward the acidic state; but other people argue that a drinking alkaline water does nothing to change the pH on the body´s cell and on the contrary it might harm the body, especially on older people who cannot produce enough acid in their stomach. For the purpose of this article we stick with the benefits of drinking alkaline water.


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