Basic Instructions on How to Build a Water Ionizer

The best way to get alkaline water from your house tap is with the use of a water ionizer. You can buy one from the many brands being offered or you can read on to learn how to build an ionizer.

The best build ionizer instructions can be found by clicking HERE

  • From the hardware store purchase a rigid plastic, upright 2.4 liter storage container.
  • You will also need a 6 liter storage container.
  • A rectangular basket/container, made of plastic, like the ones use for displaying parts, it must have a grid or mesh bottom and be one on the sides for the water to pass through.
  • Small 10mm long plastic screws and nuts.
  • Two small crocodile clips for positive and negative. Red and black are the usual colors used to show polarity.
  • Electric power adapter
  • A synthetic suede (PVA)
  • Two 1mm thick Stainless Steel plates, 10cm wide by 5mm higher than the inside of the container. Generally a container measures 10 x 19 and 10 x 22 cm.


  • Cut out a 10 x 15 cm from the basket.
  • Place a mark on one of the sides of the 2.4 liter container with a 1 cm circle smaller than the plastic mesh at about 5cm below the top.
  • Support the side of the container by wedging a block of wood inside it and drill as many holes as you can. Use a 6 or 7 mm drill bit.
  • Smooth off the outside.
  • The screw holes have to be drilled approximately one inch apart for the screws have to go through.
  • Remove the block of wood, mesh and the screws.
  • Smooth off any burrs on the inside and the outside of the container.
  • Wet the suede. Cut a piece a bit larger than the mesh.
  • On a board, place the mesh on the suede and drill holes drill screw holes in the suede.
  • Remove any loose fabric from the suede, rinse it and wring it out.
  • Rinse out and dry the container.
  • Assemble the mesh over the suede onto the container and place the screws.
  • Rinse out the whole water ionizer in and out.
  • Strip off the plug both ends of the power adapter and clip on the crocodiles clamps. With a volt meter check polarity. Once you try out the ionizer, the acid water will show a brown color and goes in the bigger container, reverse the clips if you see brown water in the small container.
  • Place the small container by the large one, exposing its plate to the water; the SS plate goes opposing the membrane, the other one goes in the larger container's short side
  • Fill the containers with water up to 1 cm from its full capacity.
  • The alkaline water will reach 10 pH in about 8 hours but as it gets browner you will need to leave the ionizer on for 12 hours. © 2012 - 2017 All World Wide Rights Reserved

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