How do you Make Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline water brings many health benefits; it can help reducing the acidity of the body, making it resistance to many diseases like heart disease, allergies, cancer, and premature aging and weight problems. A high alkaline pH level in the body helps it to eliminate toxins naturally, resulting in better health overall. There are many methods to use to make alkaline drinking water at home or on the go.

So, How Do You Make Alkaline Water?

Look around the house and you probably will find most, if not all, implements to make alkaline water right at home so you can start your own alkaline diet. First of all, find a jug with a tight lid. Fill it with tab water, distilled water or bottle water, whatever. Do not fill the jug completely to allow the liquid to be shaken and mixed. Then, use a half teaspoon of soda bicarbonate (baking soda), add it to the water and shake it thoroughly. Use a ph strip or a digital pH meter to test the water. You will have good alkaline drinking water if the pH shows a reading level between 8.5 – 9.0 pH.

If the reading does not show the alkaline level mentioned above, add some more baking soda, shake and retest. Keep track of the how much soda bicarbonate you have added to the water, so next time the process of making a new batch of alkaline water will be easier and faster. Now that you have your alkaline water, you can store it in the refrigerator. But remember to shake the water before serving it to drink.

pH Drops and Alkaline Tablets

This method is of course more expensive but it does the job. Buy alkaline tablets or drops to add to the water you drink. You can find several brands on most supermarket shelves or your local pharmacy; also, you can buy them online or from a health store. Just make sure that what you purchase as alkaline product is apt for consumption. One of the advantages of pH drops is that you can take them anywhere with you, making them very handy when you are on the road, away from home. Just add some drops to your drinking water. Do not forget to take with you some pH strips to test the water alkalinity to make sure the alkaline tables or drops have done their job reaching the appropriate pH level.

Alkaline Filters and Machines

This is the most expensive method to make water alkaline but it is also the most effective one. Alkaline filters are handy, but you can´t use mineral water with them, only tab water; these filters work on a way that the water they process has to contain minerals.

Alkaline machines or ionizers come in all sizes, shapes and prices. Some can be mounted under the kitchen sink, others on the counter or fit on the faucet. If you can purchase one, you are guarantee you will have alkaline drinking water to a proper pH level, every day, all year round. © 2012 - 2017 All World Wide Rights Reserved

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