Alkaline Water How to Make It At Home

One way to make alkaline water is to boil it for five minutes. With a digital pH meter the water marks 7.2 and when boiled and cooled, it can go up to an alkalinity of 8.4, which means twelve tenths, is more than enough to drink it and to provide us with health and good enough to alkaline the body.

Clarification:  Some people say that water must be drunk hot because cold is no good because the ionization is lost. This is totally false. Ionization is what causes water to become alkaline, and in cold alkaline water, alkalinity is preserved without any problem.

It is recommended that once boiled and cooled, not to store it in a plastic bottle. Store it in a capped glass bottle or in some stainless steel container.

It is always best to drink the alkaline water the same day. So, if you drink a liter or two of water a day, boil that quantity for the day, do not boil drinking water for several days, although the alkalinity is conserved; but is best to have it just for the same day you're going to drink it.

Many people have preached that boiling water makes it acid. That is totally false.

Another way of how to make alkaline water is to take a glass of water with a ph of 7.2, add three pinches of baking soda and stir it a little with a spoon which will raise the ph of the water to 7.9 or seven tenths above the original ph count, making it alkaline water.

Alkaline water has to overcome always the 7.3 ph count to be considered alkaline. And the more the pH is raised, the more alkaline the water is.

Anyway, to always check the alkalinity, the good thing is t have a ph digital meter of water to know what is the pH on the alkaline water you are after. If you see that the ph goes down or is not maintained, it is because the water quality is terrible and the electrical conductivity in the electrons is very poor.

Drinking ionized water from your ionizer does help your body - but, when traveling this is not always easy ... use then an alkaline stick.

How they work:

Made of natural minerals in ceramic coated stainless steel housing, the alkaline stick converts almost any bottled water to alkaline water very rapidly.   Just drop the stick in, shake it your water will go 1-2pH higher.

The alkaline stick can´t be considered a filter but it does remove chlorine on small amounts. The stick works better on bottled or pre-filtered water.

It cannot be compared to using an ionizer, but it sure comes handy!

Their price is under $100 and it is good for about a year using regular tap water and two years when used to revive previously alkalinized water. © 2012 - 2017 All World Wide Rights Reserved

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