“Step By Step Instructions On
How to Build Your Own Water Ionizer"

Are you confused about all of the different types of water ionizer's that there are for making alkaline water?

Are you shocked by the outrageous costs that some are charging?
Some charge over $5000.00?

Are you confused by all of the videos and information online that supposedly show you how to build a homemade water ionizer?

Are you leery about making a water ionizer that won’t last?

Are you worried about not being able to find all of the components to build your ionizer.

Is having to buy expensive Platinized Titanium for the electrodes putting you off?

Are you leery about the use of salt as an electrolyte?

Well look no further the “Homemade Water Ionizer Drinking System” will revolutionize your concept of not only making a homemade water ionizer but will also show you how to make the ionized water itself.

When you buy the “Homemade Water Ionizer Drinking System”
you will not have to worry about:

Green Check Mark  Drinking salt water

Green Check Mark  Having to find expensive Platinized Titanium to use as an electrode. 
        If you want to play it safe and just Platinized Titanium anyway, we 
         call  out a few sources for those who prefer to use it. You will see why I
        don't use it when you buy the homemade water ionizer kit. 

Green Check Mark  Having to spend $100’s and even $1000’s on an expensive water

Green Check Mark  Buying a lot of electrolyte

Green Check Mark  Frequently replacing electrodes

Green Check Mark  Being lost without instructions - We will give you access to over 40
         Detailed How To Build Homemade Water lionizer Videos

Green Check Mark  Having to drink bad tasting water (Please see the taste test video)


You will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits from drinking
ionized alkaline drinking water such as:

Green Check Mark Restoring the body’s natural pH balance

Green Check Mark Find it easier to lose weight once your pH is       

Green Check Mark Ionized alkaline water is more hydrating than   
      regular drinking water

Green Check Mark Ionized alkaline water aids in removing acid        
      wastes from the body

Green Check Mark Helps to eliminate the damaging effects of free
      radicals that are inside our bodies

Green Check Mark Ionized alkaline water helps to protect your teeth
      and helps to prevent gum disease.

Green Check Mark  Ionized alkaline water gives cells an alkaline    
       boost which gives you more energy

With the “Homemade Water Ionizer Drinking System” you can even
make alkaline water without adding electrolyte to your water at all!

Will There Be Clear Instructions?

Absolutely, everything is clearly detailed in the easy to follow, 60 page Step-by-Step Homemade Water Ionizer Manual. It is in PDF format so you can read it anywhere.  The instructions are so simple a 12 year old can build it.

BONUS:   We are also including over 40 detailed step-by-step Videos that you can watch to help you with building and using your alkaline water machine!

Build a Homemade Water Ionizer to Make Alkaline Water - Videos

Think of The Load of Cash That You Will Save
When You Make Your Own Water Ionizer System. 

Some Cost Over $5000.00!

Save a Pile of Cash Make your own water ionizer

Here Is What You Get When You Order

Green Check Mark The complete “Homemade Water Ionizer Drinking System”
in PDF format. 

Green Check Mark Over 40 Detailed DIY videos on how to build water a ionizer

Green Check Mark Directions on where you can find all of the parts to build your ionizer

Green Check Mark Fast and helpful customer support


Take Home The
“Homemade Water Ionizer Drinking System”

The 65 Page PDF Manual
Build a Homemade Water Ionizer

Click Here To Buy

40+ Detailed Videos

The Video Coarse Includes The Following 6 Modules
worth $39.97 INCLUDED!

Green Check Mark MODULE 1:  Power Supply Setup

Green Check Mark MODULE 2:  Preparing The Tanks - Part 1

Green Check Mark MODULE 3:  Preparing The Tanks - Part 2

Green Check Mark MODULE 4:  Preparing The Tanks - Part 3

Green Check Mark MODULE 5:  Water Ionizer Setup - Part 1

Green Check Mark MODULE 6:  Water Ionizer Setup - Part 2

PS:  A few of my mistakes are also included in the videos
so that you don't have to repeat them :)

Build a Homemade Water Ionizer to Make Alkaline Water - Videos

Watch The Videos and
Read The eBook On Your iPad

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PS: If you are serious about building your own water ionizer system, then you will definitely want to get the “Homemade Ionizer Water Drinking System.” When you think about it, the low price of $9.97 is a very small price to pay when you consider the inflated prices that people are paying for new models.

NOTE: I do not know how many copies I will offer to the public. I reserve the right to stop selling these instructions at anytime!

Also please check the videos and also download the PDF as there might be updates. From time to time I add new updated matrial that you will no doubt be interested in.

“Homemade Ionizer Water Drinking System™”

PSS: Think about how much you might spend on a water ionizer, $1,000? $1,500, $5000?   So when you think about it, this water ionizer is the best deal for your money.

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